Cybersecurity Training

Qradar Admin Training

-> Create custom log sources to utilize events from uncommon sources

-> Create, maintain, and use reference data collections

-> Develop and manage custom rules to detect unusual activity in your network

-> Develop and manage custom action scripts for automated rule response

-> Develop and manage anomaly detection rules to detect when unusual network traffic patterns occur

Qradar Analyst Training

-> Describe how QRadar SIEM collects data to detect suspicious activities

-> Describe the QRadar SIEM component architecture and data flows

-> Navigate the user interface

-> Investigate suspected attacks and policy breaches

-> Search, filter, group, and analyze security data

-> Investigate the vulnerabilities and services of assets

-> Use network hierarchies

-> Locate custom rules and inspect actions and responses of rules

-> Analyze offenses created by QRadar SIEM

-> Use index management

-> Navigate and customize the QRadar SIEM dashboard

-> Use QRadar SIEM to create customized reports

-> Use charts and filters

-> Use AQL for advanced searches

-> Analyze a real-world scenario

Azure Sentinel Admin Training

-> Overview

-> Create a log Analytics workspace and Sentinel Workspace.

-> Integrating Log Sources with Sentinel using (API, SYSLOG and Agent based)

-> Writing custom parsers using KQL

-> Creating Analytic Rules in Sentinel

-> Creating custom workbooks in Sentinel

-> Introduction and demo of Azure Logic Apps (2 Automation will be covered)

-> Creating Watchlist and calling them in Rules

-> Creating Automation Rules and binding them with playbooks

Azure Sentinel Analyst Training

-> Overview of Sentinel workspace

-> Learning KQL in detail.

-> Understanding the schema for various log sources

-> Lab on applying custom search using KQL

-> Analysing Security incidents

-> Developing skills to correlate between multiple log sources.

-> Finetuning of the rules.

-> Understanding the logs for core security infrastructures like WAF, FW, AD etc.

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