Case Studies


The vast transitional success of Max Life has brought in the need to upgrade technology and security posture in Suburban Africa. A drastic change over in terms of Information Technology Solutions was required to reintegrate the enterprise with the pace of the digital world.

Challenges Faced Before Cyberhanto Intervention

➔ Limited access to internet services and connectivity

➔ Limited access to IT services and Solutions

➔ The need for upgraded IT skills, training, and equipment.

➔ Lack of access to basic computing device

Cyberhanto Strategy and Solutions

We worked alongside the respective government and other businesses to conduct an analysis and enhance the situation, where we were able to identify the most suitable infrastructure for the nature of business in the respective country. With in-depth research, we provided them with viable IT solutions to match their requirement and affordable budget

On Identifying and employing the solutions, we were able to provide training programs that matched the solutions and take forward a smooth flow of newly incorporated up-gradation henceforth.

Out Come of the intervention

➔ Improved Wireless and Internet Connectivity

➔ Overall awareness of acquiring basic IT skillsets

➔ Assisted healthcare practitioners who are able to provide better service to patients

➔ Improved educational systems with upgraded equipment

➔ With the appropriate deployment of supply chain processes and Information Technology we were able to effectively provide the government agencies and other businesses a sustainable and enduring solution to their contemporary issues.


Suven Life Sciences is a large-scale Medicaid chain providing actionable insights to drug discovery and development to pharmaceutical industries and biotech enterprises across the globe.


“International Compliance to security regulations”, in order to facilitate eligibility, Service coverage, and payment policies, and help indigent and uninsured to avail federal services across various counties.

Cyberhanto Intervention

In order attain HIPAA security compliance stance, Cyberhanto conducted extensive system tests to comply with International and local health department security requirements. We scrutinized and implemented security protocols as documented in HIPAA standards and determined the extent to which the controls were being implemented appropriately, operating as intended, and producing the desired outcome.

Other Output

➔ We deployed technical security controls, such as firewalls and other intrusion detection systems

➔ We conducted an audit process to scrutinize unauthorized access by internal and external parties and adherence in regard to the compliance procedure and protocols.

Overall, We have successfully incorporated examination, evaluation, documentation of protocols and provided compliance tests, procedures, and approvals for multi-tiered records management applications for Suven Life Sciences.