Network Penetration Testing

By inferring all inventory on your network, the Cyberhanto CSI team can perform Network Penetration Tests, where it identifies vulnerabilities that exist on your network devices, servers, personal computers, and all other inventory.

Network Penetration Testing

Together with its expert team, it provides network penetration testing services to many institutions and private companies.

Together with many new generation cyberattack techniques, the team simulates the cyberattack scenarios that the organization may encounter before the attacks arrive and reports in detail all the measures that the organization should take in this regard. It also provides the necessary consultancy services for the taking of these measures.

The services we provide as a cyberhanto team in the field of Network Penetration Testing are as follows.

External Network Penetration Test

We carry out security tests in accordance with the standards from the aggressive point of view of your organization from the outside in a completely professional manner. We offer solutions to address potential post-test security vulnerabilities and these vulnerabilities.

LAN Penetration Test

How far can attackers infiltrate your internal network by various methods? Is your internal network system really secure? The Cyberhanto CSI team provides local network penetration testing with a team of experts who have been involved in network penetration tests for many years.

Wireless Network Penetration Test

We test the security of wireless networks and devices that connect to wireless networks within your organization.


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