Mobile Application Testing

Cyberhanto CSI performs penetration testing for mobile applications as well as services such as web applications, network penetration tests.

Mobile Application Testing

Our team has provided penetration testing services for many mobile applications serving millions across the country and provided consultancy services to ensure the safety of both people and companies in this area.

These mobile application penetration tests consist of 2 stages. In the first stage, the Cyberhanto CSI team undergoes static and dynamic security analysis of the mobile application. All vulnerabilities in this downs are reported in detail. Thanks to the methodologies used by the team in mobile application tests, individual control of vulnerabilities is ensured. In the second stage, the team tests the security of communication and functions on the web server. This results in both application and API testing.

If you want to work with the Cyberhanto team on mobile application security and benefit from our experience, you can reach us via our contact page.


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